Saving Is More Complicated Than It Seems

This week was adroitly summarized by the title. As it turns out, saving your game is more complicated than it seems in Unreal, which if I may delve into high level terminology, (high level as in easier to understand, not high level as in harder to understand, there’s a weird difference between the two uses when it comes to general speech and programming speech) you can’t seem to store actors into the Unreal save construct and then take those references and load them back into the same actors.

In my circumstance, I wanted to move a gateway, save the actor, and then when loading have that gateway actor update itself to the save state version, copying all the variables (specifically the location vector in this one). But it turns out that just doesn’t work.

I have a workaround that involves giving all the objects in the scene IDs, and then I save those IDs and have the gateway IDs reference the hook IDs and have them swap, and it works. I’ll have to expand it as we expand our game, so more variables get saved. We’ll see how that goes.

Other more minor things I did this week involve putting in a new font for the game, fixing the shake when the painting character lands so players don’t get migraines, removing the checkpoint system – which is just outdated at this point – from the menu, fixing the bug that caused the game to fatally crash when you returned to the menu (it sounds a lot worse than it was, there’s very little need to go back to the menu right now, so it was mostly something players found when they went to quit), and as always, the various bugfixes.

We’ve only got 2 weeks until Spring Break, which isn’t really a milestone or anything important, but it is a date we can anchor progress around, and I believe 5 weeks after that, so we’ve decided to focus our next 2 weeks on getting everything mechanically in that isn’t in yet.

Expect new in painting objects the Chest and Ladder, as well as Linked paintings, and possibly Bursted paintings in the next week. You’ll find out what those are then. Until then.

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