Mechanics Rush

Spurned on by the idea that we can leave the entire last 4-5 weeks to entirely just polishing/putting out content for the game, we’ve designated our direction for the next two weeks to be mechanical completeness.

With that in mind, I was able to (on top of the standard bugfixing and meetings), really only able to focus on two important mechanics, the interactive ladder and chest.

As it turns out, the chest was the simpler of the two, by far. It functions almost identically to the way our current door works, with the exception that the chest in the real world has no bottom, and allows the player to drop down through it. The difference was that functionally I had to show that, and thus there is a little bit of a camera lerp to showcase that. Because there are only two features, and they’re both very visual, I figure this week I’ll include gifs to elaborate my progress (One day I’ll have gifs that aren’t god awful quality).


The ladder, on the other hand, was far more complex than anticipated. I already made the mistake of lowballing the time, but I ended up going from lowballing to completely just misjudging how long it would take. The ladder ended up taking the majority of the week, but overall it turned out pretty well. Few minor kinks keep showing up, but for now they don’t affect performance, so it’ll have to be left for polish-stage (which I think I’m tentatively calling Alpha?).


Anyway, those were the major bits of what I got done last week, and we’re going to keep advancing with getting the rest of the mechanics in. Until then.

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