Physics is a Blocker, And It Has Nothing To Do With Capstone

So I spent a large portion of my time this week coding for my Game Physics class, which pulled me away from doing Capstone.

The upside is that I have many tasks on my log for this week to make up for that, and the downside is that last week’s attempts at QA were a bit of a dumpster fire.

A lot of it had to do with pushing things to the last moments before QA, so that definitely won’t be happening again.

Anywho, had Greenlight this week, which is basically just a shorthand for, “Have all your documents in.” I updated our Technical Specification Document.

Only two big features this week (and a slew of minor bugfixes related around them but nothing unusual).

The first was Voice Over Implementation, which was expanding our narrative and allowing our narrative designer, Sarah, to put in dialogue audio and subtitles. We broke it up in sections of story, with a story for each painting type. The idea is aimed at telling segments of a story at a time, room by room. So the Forest painting has a narrative, the Snow has a narrative, etc., and each gets doled out in bite sized chunks until the player reaches the end of the game. The stories will be divvied up properly so each full story appears approximately by the end of the game.

The second big feature was an improved design tool for level building. We already have the room tool, which generates an X by Y by Z room, made by Brandon, our other programmer. My tool allows for the creation of a hook-gateway-painting chain when clicking a wall.


The designer can choose the types of hook, gateway, and painting, and the chain of them will appear in the correct spot on the wall.

I’ve got a bunch of tasks planned for next week, so until then.

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