The Weekly Capstone Update

Titling titles can be hard. Or you can really just not try and yet somehow you still get a title, it’s just that simple.

This week (or was it last week by now?) I had some work to get done in other classes, so I wasn’t able to do as much as I normally do, but it all seems a little relative. Either way, the game is still improving bit by bit. We almost have a new set of levels in the game! Which is exciting because we’ve had the same six levels since like, October.

I made a Discord bot for our channel. Very boring, just does posts a daily update to remind everyone to post hours, but always kind of fun making tools that see real use.

I improved the Audio Manager, so it now has a soundscape, which is what we’re calling our background effect track. We only have the soundscape for the forest so far, which has bird sounds and other woodsy noises, but its nonetheless more background sound that didn’t exist prior.

I also upped the Audio Manager to swap music tracks at a percentage of the time the track is played, so people don’t want to rip their hair out hearing the same opening 10 seconds to every track. Hopefully it’ll help with the frustration aspect that is the natural byproduct of being a puzzle game.

Last major thing I did was begin the designer room tools. Right now it just automatically creates a painting after you’ve placed a gateway, but next week’s goal is to improve it even further so they’ll only need to click on a wall and then it’ll spawn the entire hook, gateway, and painting chain, with appropriate settings for all.

And of course there were a slew of minor bugs and organizational fixes that always consume chunk of my time. No major bugs fortunately, game continues to run without breaking down. Although that reminds me that we need to fix the menu/level/checkpoint systems which absolutely broke down when we switched to level streaming. Game is still playable, but going back to the main menu or using checkpoints is a bust.

Goals for the future perhaps. Soon we’ll have new art and new levels, and it’ll be real exciting. Until next week.

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