Iterations Galore

Just a quick update for this week’s progress.

I worked on our puzzle painting game and the snail racer. The puzzle painter had far less to add, I dropped in a node system that the paintings hook up and talk to each other through, so instead of the paintings being directly linked to each other, the static hooks on the walls are the jumping points, and the paintings just the means by which you move from point to point.

The snail game got much more attention as I attempted to write my own physics engine. That went alright, the big challenge being that the snail has to move up walls as well, so trying to get it to stick to walls was a problem (but a solved one).

The snail game initially also had some trouble with moving up slopes (this was before I even attempted vertical walls), but I fixed it initially by adding the up vector, and then by actually rotating the object. In hindsight it sounds rather simple and plain, and maybe it is, I did forget that I could get the angle between the impact normal and my own location because I thought I only had the impact normal vector (and forgot to use my own location’s vector).

Overall, I don’t know exactly where we’ll go. Earlier I was leaning toward the snail racer, but these last few hours have been tough. I’m beginning to think that all these minor issues will keep cropping up and the movement will never feel fluid. There aren’t any good guides for the specific problems I want to solve, and while I’ve figured out a lot on my own, with some guidance here and there from the thoughts of others, I’m not sure I can keep it up.

Either way, we’ll decide our final game on Thursday, and then work on polishing that for the Monday after this Monday, but its at least notable that I haven’t had any real issues with the painting game (although I’m sure they’ll appear) which may just make it far more appealing at this rate.

More to follow next week as we determine which game we shall move forward with!

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