The Tank Battler: The Wrap Up

Results are… varied. And by varied, I mean, well… let me explain the project further.

First off, it was overscoped. Not anyone’s fault honestly, it was a really cool idea, have a variety of players with a team of tanks to drive around and fight each other. But it took second priority to capstone (the student who programmed it was on one of the capstone teams, so he had trouble finding all the time to do both I’m sure), and didn’t have a designer looking over it.

We’ve been told this project will take a hiatus for a year, and may just get scrapped altogether, or get moved to Unity, which would fix a lot of the technical issues and make it easier on us developers.

That said, results came back varied because of a number of the above issues, mainly with people’s DLLs hitting breakpoints or otherwise not working, and the fact that with just a few people actually able to play, it was difficult to determine an exact winner (on top of a scoring system few of us paid attention to at all).

I didn’t go overboard on mine. It does well for what I made it do, which was mainly pathfind around. It moves around the map at random coordinates, mainly with the intention of getting away from the others. The idea being that if I could stall the match out, back myself into a corner, I might be able to take them down before they take me down.

I kind of wish I had gone more into it, but between the system problems (the unit circle was backwards and it was so so awful to work with, but that is apparently just part of SDL (which in itself baffles me)) and capstone, my drive for this final project was lower than it normally is.

Looking back at the semester, I’m still super happy with how minesweeper turned out, and I think my Gin Rummy did better than what it “scored,” so overall, on the two more structured projects, I did fairly well.

I think the class can only get better, and because our professor is really good at listening to feedback (both for this class, but he’s also the head of the game programming division, so hopefully the feedback we gave will actually change the curriculum as a whole for the better down the line), I think it turned out alright.

Our entire class has just kind of been a step behind in it’s own right. We learned flash, which got phased out for Unity the literal semester after us, and we had an entire class on XNA, which I doubt I’ll ever touch again, but in the end we’ve still put out some of the best work this college has seen to date. This should probably go in my postmortem for capstone, but I’ll put it there as well.

I guess to wrap up, all in all, it went well. Little bumpy at the end, but a good semester. And when it comes down to it, I don’t actually mind being a guinea pig, as long as the future will get better for it.

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