The Chopping Block

The pain of working with full 3D physics is over. Snails have defeated me.

But honestly I’m not sad at all. While it was a challenge, it taught me a lot about Unreal as an engine, both in blueprints and with their C++ code base. And I even went to a professor who was super helpful in terms of teaching me about quaternions and how they work (much thanks Dan).

On the positive note, we have decided to move forward with the Painting game (name still pending), our Gothic themed puzzler!

To show off some highlights, here is our starting room:


And when you near the paintings, they glow to signify that you can carry them!


So far, our first two painting types, forest and snow:


The little copper-ish capsule (placeholder) is your character, who moves around the paintings and bumps into walls to switch between paintings.

And finally I’ll show off the (technically second) puzzle, where you have to grab the two paintings on the walls and move them to the hooks (which are the stone squares on the wall right now). That allows you to dive into the bottom painting, maneuver your way into the upper painting (by using the tree and cloud in the foreground of the forest painting) and then go right to appear in the painting on the balcony, which you can then pop out of, and you’ll have solved it!


Overall, super happy with the progress made, it’s a fairly solid initial prototype. We’ll be looking to challenge this week, so ideally that will succeed and put us into deep dive where we can take this game and push forward with it even farther (though we’ll end up doing that anyways, but professors’ blessings are always nice).

Final bit, if you want to try out the prototype, it can be found here!

More to come in another seven days!

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