Infrastructure Is Key

We’ve taken our Painting game, which still does not have an official name, and are working toward fleshing it out considerable. Giving it pizzazz where we can, and working toward that final vertical slice for the end of the semester.

My main area of focus, being the first week of solely working on just this one game, was on improving the infrastructure of the areas I more quickly set up, and cleaning up our repository so it doesn’t take four centuries to download.

Repository cleanup went well, I’m somewhat anal in my organizational formatting for the folders that I use and access, so I like to have things easy to find and not all over the place. Helps me at the very least, I like to imagine it helps others too.

Matt (Designer) added a third, more complex puzzle, and a background piano track that he composed himself. It’s a little simple, but it’s only the start, I expect great things.

We got two bits of player feedback in. First, when you are holding a painting and are near enough to place it on a hook, the hooks glow. Considering our hook model is somewhat visually diminished, I found it pretty helpful when I was testing the levels. It does help that Tucker (Artist) put a nice background to accentuate the “You can place a painting here!”


The second bit is the frame’s give you a direct visual indication of where they’re connected to. Easier to show then tell so…


And that updates on the fly as you go.

Final bits worth noting are a variety of bugfixes and infrastructure improvements. Three of note:

  • Each painting type now has far easier designations of entrances and exits on all four sides.
  • Paintings would occasionally stay highlighted when they shouldn’t and only one object could be highlighted at a time, both of those are now fixed.
  • The distance at which you can pick up/put down a painting is differentiated from the distance at which you can dive into a painting. Good for some puzzles. Matt has a puzzle with a gate that enforces that limit. In the future we’ll have different painting and hook types so we don’t need direct physical barriers.

That’s this week. We’ve got a lot planned for next week, so check in then.

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