When The Masses Ask…

The big area focused on this week was player feedback, as we got a lot of QA responses that wanted to know more information about the world and their physical relation to it, especially when travelling through paintings.

The big two areas that we improved feedback through was via a render texture mesh that we added to the gateways in the real world (this is of the forest landscape):


And by adding a camera transition in two parts: moving in/out of a painting, and between paintings:



The other bit of player feedback attempted to expand on was the narrative. Besides just fleshing it out in the week prior, we implemented a very basic NPC (can be seen as the red block in the gifs above – very creative I know), that when you walk past says a bit of dialogue to you. Nothing fancy for now, but paves the way for easy implementation later.

Finally, the two bits of functionality we threw in for this week were a new frame type, the latched painting, which is a frame that can be dived into but not moved from it’s location, and having interactive objects within paintings.

This is our latched painting:


The interactive objects, first off, replace the collider that it’s on the side of. For example, our snow painting has an igloo on the left side, which counts as our interactive object that disables the left collider travel option (you can still collide, you just won’t travel between paintings), and you will only travel upon hitting E (which later will be accompanied by an animation).


This next week’s focus is on improving gameplay, mainly in the painting world, but also adding new hook and frame types to add puzzle variety, so tune in then.

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