The Critical Factor

Time. The critical factor in most everything is a deadline.

We’ve got a little under a month left to go, and we’re finding a balance between implementing gameplay bits and feedback bits. This past week was gameplay, here’s the rundown of all that I put in.

New hook type, loose. Doesn’t quite have the feedback, so no gif for this one, but what it does is that when you enter a painting on a loose hook and there is a hook underneath it, which does not have a gateway, and then fall with enough velocity, your gateway will fall down to the lower hook. A one-way downward travel system.

New frame type, wall scroll. Wall scrolls are the fun “paintings within paintings” meme that is brought up now and then. When you take a wall scroll into a painting, you have an in painting representation, and when you pop out, the painting comes with you. Fairly straight forward, but may add puzzle complexity if you need to handle multiple objects (still in debate).

Another technical new frame type (though technically the frame is really just an indicator, nor do we have the model in yet), Interactive. In an interactive painting, an object can be found that is linked directly to the real world. For example, we have a door on a pirate ship that when interacted with opens a door in the real world.

And the final bit was finally the implementation of our painting camera zooming in on the character and following them around, Mario style-ish. It stops on the left and right edges, but follows the player up and down as well, so the zoom is a little more close in than Mario. This was actually a bit I had held off for a few weeks, mainly because there were better things to do, but I’m also generally not a graphics programmer, so this area is less intuitive for me.

That said, this post is off the normal schedule, so I can update on a tiny few things planned for this week. It’s mostly feedback, because we need to clean up the transitions as well as add gameplay feedback for things like the loose hook. I also get to mess with transitions again (oh god) and create some invisible terrain that blocks the player from reaching paintings/hooks. Until next week.

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