Make It Snappy

A lot of work was done this week, and it was a bit of gameplay, a bit of feedback, and we have so much more to do to fully flesh it out, but I’m feelin’ good after this week.

Let’s hit the checklist of what got done:

  • Implemented a walking character animation
  • Gave the gateway on the loose hook a swing “animation”
  • Gave the gateway falling off a loose hook a full camera transition, including screenshake
  • Added a raycast blocking wall for puzzle design
  • Implemented a top tier Programmer Art™ pause menu complete with two entire buttons (very advanced)
  • Added a transition upon activating a real world connected interactive object within a painting
  • Added bidirectional asset attachment for design ease
  • And a lot of bugfixes (which I won’t cover because they don’t exist anymore, which is good)

And now for the visual part!

Walking character animation


Gateway Swinging


Gateway Falling Transition


Raycast Blocker (The painting on your side of the gate is accessible, but painting through the gate is not)


Pause Menu


Interactive Object


And the bidirectional asset attachment is nothing fancy. It’s basically that when a gateway is assigned to a hook, the hook is assigned back to the gateway. It cuts out the time the designer has to hunt through the objects and set them all to each other, and instead only has to set one object.

There’s a lot more getting done every week, and next week will have even more. Until then.

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